Betriebsanleitung für den Pillenausdrücker meknock

meknock hat zwei Drücker. Mit dem ersten werden die kleineren, mit dem zweiten Drücker die größeren Pillen und Kapseln ausgelöst.

Dont't put the device into your mouth and don't use it for other purposes than written in the instructions for use.

The pill remover can be used by children from the age of eight and people with lesser physical, sensorial or psychic abilities or a lack of experience and knowledge, if they are supervised during the use of the device or if they have been instructed in its correct use.

Children must not do cleaning or maintenance of the pill remover, exept, if the are over the age of eight years or supervised.

Keep the device outside the range of children und the age of eight years.

Children must not play with the device.